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Visian ICL Blog

Visian ICL blog

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optometristDr. James T. Huang is a practicing therapeutic optometrist at the Dr. James Eyecare Center in Houston, Texas. Read his story on why he chose the Visian ICL instead of LASIK  reposted from Reddit.

On 6/13/2013 at around 4pm, I received the Visian ICL implants to permanently correct my vision. The surgery was performed by ophthalmologist Dr. Greg Parkhurst of NuVision whom I met because he did a Continuing Education Lecture on refractive surgery which I attended. After the lecture I asked for his contact information, thinking that the Visian ICLs sounded like a great option for me.

For those who don’t know what the Visian ICL is. ICL stands for Implantable Collamer Lens and is a soft lens (like a contact lens) that is surgically placed into the eye. The lens works similarly to LASIK in that it permanently corrects your vision, except unlike LASIK, it doesn’t require cutting and reshaping corneal tissue and it is removable.

As an optometrist, of course, I’m extra careful with any choices surrounding my vision so I finally decided on the Visian ICLs instead of LASIK for all the reasons below:

  1. I have dry eyes
  2. I have relatively thin corneas for a high myopic prescription
  3. I have large pupils at dim light which would likely result in seeing halos/starbursts at night time
  4. The cornea in my left eye is thinner on the inferior temporal side which could cause uncertainty in the LASIK result
  5. Personally, I didn’t like the idea of cutting through a perfectly healthy cornea
  6. I wanted clear, undistorted and sharp vision during the day and night
  7. I have almost no astigmatism, which makes me an ideal candidate for Visian ICL in the USA
  8. I have big enough anterior chamber for Visian ICL Lens implantation
  9. Visian ICL is the only refractive surgery that is REVERSIBLE!
  10. Dr. Parkhurst is one of the most experienced Visian ICL surgeons in the country

My prescription was -9.25 with -0.25 cyl at somewhat of oblique axis in both eyes. After the implants, my vision is now outstanding. I am still seeing 20/10 which is twice as sharp as the gold-standard of 20/20 vision.

Post-Op Visian ICl Surgery

In regards to my night vision, initially with Visian ICLs I did notice mild halos around light for the first 6-8 weeks. Now I don’t really see the halos anymore. Quite possibly my visual cortex has adapted to the visual aberrations.

This is just a testimonial of my experience…so before you decide to get any medical procedure for yourself, please make sure you consult with a doctor who can explain all the risks to you.

To read the full story please visit Reddit.

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