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Visian ICL Blog

Visian ICL blog

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Gene Calculator

What will your kid’s eye color be?

The Department of Genetics at the Stanford School of Medicine in partnership with the Tech Museum has launched an online genetic calculator which takes into account your eye color and that of your partner to figure the probability of your potential kids inheriting a certain eye color.

Of course the results are speculative and do not take into account all the vast influences of other hereditary factors but its still fun to use! The calculator works by taking into account your eye color, that of your parents and siblings, and the eye colors of your partner and his immediate family. By doing this, the program can then get a combination of possible genotypes that you can pass on to your child. The genotype for eye color, in this case, is a kind of biological map that determines what eye color will be expressed in the eye. Because many possible combinations of genotypes exist for a potential child, the calculator only returns the chance of inheriting a certain eye color.

That being said, use Stanford’s eye color calculator and satisfy your curiosity!

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